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Machines for combined metal cutting

Systems for punching and laser cutting
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Combined metal cutting machines – this is equipment with various functions in manufacturing process that can perform complex machining of parts and do simultaneously several assorted operations: punching, laser/plasma/gas metal cutting, drilling and others.

In this product category, Robur International offers following groups of machinery:

Machines for metal punching and laser cutting. Multifunction units for punching and laser cutting make a perfect solution for the industry of metal fabrication. They are designed for complex machining and combine the advantages of high-speed punching with the unlimited possibilities of fiber laser cutting. These machines have the advantage in both performance and functionality since they can perform more operations than a machine of narrow specialization. The advanced design of the punching system in addition to possibilities of high-speed fiber laser cutting of metal with thickness up to 4 mm is also equipped with an opening in the desktop that allows removing and sorting small finished parts while the large parts are conveyed for unloading or further processing on the panel bender. This type of units is easy to integrate in flexible automatic production lines that include automated storage systems such saving a lot of time and other resources of production.

Machines for metal gas/plasma cutting and machining. It is a combined machine, equipped with one or more plasma/gas cutting torches and a drilling work center. The unit is designed for sheet metal and worpiece cutting and machining. The modularity of the installation can significantly expand the functionality of the machine depending on the requirements of the given type of production.

Machines for combined metal cutting are successfully used both in small workshops and large-scale metal fabrication facilities start from simple and individual production to serial and mass manufacture of metal parts. These categories of equipment are widely used in metalworking businesses, such as manufacture of machinery and equipment, the transportation sector, metalworking industries, defense industry, the aerospace sector, construction, the manufacture of agricultural machines, food processing industry, forestry, enterprises of fuel and energy industry, and so forth.

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