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Presses, shears, punching-shearing systems

Hydraulic Iron Workers
1 (6 models)
Notch presses
3 (3 models)
Coordinate punch presses
8 (22 models)
Guillotine shear
6 (46 models)
Automated centers for metal punching and cutting
1 (2 models)

Press brakes, shears, punching-and-cutting systems represent one of the most traditional and popular groups of equipment for cutting metal sheet material, which is widely used in practice.

In this product category, Robur International offers following groups of machinery:

Coordinate punch presses. Machines that perform metal workpiece punching and cutting, forming holes of all shapes and performing specific product forming operations: perforation, flanging, extrusion, rib forming, cutting holes of complex geometry, creating cones and so on. Machines are equipped with CNC systems as well as with hybrid or hydraulic drives. The structure features a tool magazine, which includes fast alternation of punching tools; and a sheet movement accelerating actuator with high frequency ball screw guides. Coordinate punch presses are especially effective as part of high automation degree manufacturing processes to produce a large range of parts. Classified according to the principle of operation and types of machine bed.

Notching presses. These simple and efficient machines are an important part of the manufacturing process and are intended for cutting different angles in the sheet metal. Will help to cut off flanges and create the necessary angles and shapes of the parts. Notching machines have proven themselves with excellent level of ergonomics. The angle of the cut is the main parameter of an angle die-cutting machine. This angle can be changed and secured and the variability of the angle can be in the range from 30 to 140 degrees.

Hydraulic guillotine shears. Designed for cutting sheet metal material at pretreatment stages of different metal forming industries. Provide high productivity and good quality when performing a wide variety of works. Besides everything else, guillotine shears is a very reliable unit of equipment; it is durable and can be used for small, medium, and large-scale production. Electromechanical and hydraulic shears, circular shears, and metal cutting shears with manual transmission are the most common guillotine shear types. The right guillotine unit guarantees a flawless cut without any visible or hidden defects.

Automatic punching-and-cutting metal forming systems. One of the best solutions for cutting and punching sheet material. Designed to provide automatic, flexible and lean manufacturing. Can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into automated manufacturing lines. Integrated shears are located next to a multifunction punching tool making different parts of a single structure that allows creating a compact unique system with high performance and excellent operational characteristics.

Press brakes, shears, punching-and-cutting systems are successfully used both in small workshops and large-scale metal fabrication facilities start from simple and individual production to serial and mass manufacture of metal parts. These categories of equipment are widely used in metalworking businesses, such as manufacture of machinery and equipment, the transportation sector, metalworking industries, defense industry, the aerospace sector, construction, the manufacture of agricultural machines, food processing industry, forestry, enterprises of fuel and energy industry, and so forth.

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