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Thermal cutting machines

Laser metal cutting machines
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Thermal cutting machines – equipment with CNC for cutting and carving sheet material (metal, plastics etc.). Due to the machine design, the cutter is able to perform 2-5 coordinate movements relative to the workpiece which enables cutting the curved contours of the parts with bevelled ends and chamfering.

Machines can be equipped with systems that control the distance between the cutter and the material, remove waste from the cutting area, and many other useful options and innovative solutions. Some examples of the application of thermal cutting machines:

  • Sheet metal figure cutting to make advertising and demonstration equipment
  • Cutting sheet metal in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding
  • Production of sheet metal structures (doors, items of equipment)
  • Production of parts of attachments for agricultural machinery
  • Production of parts of metal structures used in construction
  • Production of decorative metal products (such as furniture components)
  • and other industries

In this product category, Robur International offers following groups of machinery:

Machines for laser metal cutting. Impact on the metallic material is made through the laser beam; the metal sheet is positioned and fixed on the work surface and then cut with a laser (liquid, fiber/solid-state, or gas) device. It is possible to choose the set-ups of the mode of radiation. The laser exposure can be pulsed or continuous.

For laser cutting are suitable: all kinds of steel of any condition, aluminum and its alloys, and other nonferrous metals. Various types of lasers are used for different materials.
Industrial application of laser cutting increases with every year, although the cost of the laser equipment is still high compared with other types of cutting machines. That’s why we recommend a reasonable and prudent approach to the choice of the field where laser cutting is to be applied so that it certainly increases the production efficiency.

Machines for gas/plasma metal cutting. Plasma cutting is the most common and cheapest method of cutting steel and other metals where as a cutting tool instead of a mechanic tool is used a plasma jet. The plasma jet is capable of cutting non-conductive materials with thickness of 1 to 50 mm. The melt can be removed by a plasma arc.

Benefits of the plasma metal cutting:

  • Metal is cut very fast
  • The edges of the cut are qualitative and smooth
  • The jet heats the metal only at the area of the cut
  • No visible distortion of the metal material
  • Tools for plasma cutting allow working with virtually any metal or alloy, even those that are heavy-duty  or with various other special properties

Gas cutting, or rather the impact of oxygen on the metal, is a cheap and often used method.  A jet of oxygen is directed to the area of the cut where it heats the material up to 12 000° C. This method is suitable if cutting of low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel alloys is required. The thickness of the material to be cut by the flame can be up to 200 mm.

As the benefits of this cutting method can be named:

  • Low costs
  • Smooth edges
  • Exposure to the metal sheet at any angle
  • The ability to cut thick metal sheets

Thermal cutting machines for metal cutting  are successfully used both in small workshops and large-scale metal fabrication facilities start from simple and individual production to serial and mass manufacture of metal parts. These categories of equipment are widely used in metalworking businesses, such as manufacture of heavy machinery and equipment, the transportation sector, metalworking industries, defense industry, the aerospace sector, construction, the manufacture of agricultural machines, food processing industry, forestry, enterprises of fuel and energy industry, and so forth.

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