Robur International
country: Italy
branch: Sheet metal and roll metal surface treatment
founded: 1900

Costa Levigatrici


The story of industrial activities of the Costa Family goes back for 5 generations, starting at the beginning of the year 1900 in Marano. Initially, it was a manufacture of hydraulic turbines, flower mills and kitchenware. Production of first woodworking machines was started in 1921.

1956 – The first wide belt sander is built.
1982 – The first sanding machine assembly plant Sandrigo 1 is opened for Costa Levigatrici SpA.
1985 – Costa & Grissom Machinery is started in N.C. (USA) for the distribution and service of Costa Machines in North America.
1989 – The first sander for metal surface treatment is built (2500 mm wide).
1990 – The main office is moved to Schio where it takes place in a new plant with machine tool and assembly facilities.
1992 – Costa Sweden direct support office for Scandinavia is started in Boras (Sweden).
1993 – COSTA METAL division is founded.
1995 – Start-up of Sandrigo 2, a new and bigger assembly plant.
1996 – Costa S.E.A. is started in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for sales and customer service in this area.
2001 – Start-up of Sandrigo 3, the second assembly plant specialized for Universal Machines (Series A).
2006 – The own, most modern electronic measuring instruments equipped Test Laboratory is founded; in addition to quality checks and analysis the laboratory is testing the abrasive materials that allows giving a comprehensive professional advice on the best tools and methods of implementation for any specific treatment requirements.

COSTA company today

COSTA today has more than 10 000 machines installed worldwide and is one of the leading companies that produce equipment for deburring, grinding, polishing, brushing and hotpressing of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The Costa Levigatrici SpA company employs more than 200 employees and their work activities take place within three plants with a total size of 17,000 square meters.
In the headquarters of the company Costa Levigatrici SpA there is put up a showroom and a testing facility with several working machines. Here, with the support of specialized personnel, customers can find and then test the solutions that meet the requirements of production the best.
The COSTA company is constantly engaged in the research work and is expanding its activities to provide its customers with the latest innovative technical solutions.

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