Robur International
country: Italy
branch: Sheet metal processing
founded: 1986


A well known worldwide manufacturer of CNC machines for sheet metal working, it utilizes the most recent technologies as well as constantly refines and adds to the designs of the own engineers in order to provide maximal production flexibility that meets the most demanding market requirements.

Since 1986, Euromac designs, develops, produces, sells, and services conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools. The vast experience of the design engineers combined with the knowledge of customers renders Euromac both innovative and dynamic in its development.

Euromac creates innovative machine tools which are at the same time easy to use. These objectives have been accomplished by constant refining of technologies and the high performance of customers’ industries show it! 

Euromac machines are tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unique concepts assure you advanced, productive and competitive products at all times.

Product categories

  • Single tool coordinate punch presses BX and ZX.
  • Multi-tool coordinate punch presses MBX and MTX.
  • Compact universal notch presses FA and VA.
  • Compact horizontal bending machines DIGIBEND.
  • Electric press brakes FX Bend.
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