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Demonstration of opportunities and advantages of intelligent CAM-system in CNC-machine programming


We invite to Edgecam education and training webinars.

Edgecam webinar topics:

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Productivity Toolbox.
  3. Strategy manager.
  4. Code Wizard.
  5. Essential Milling.
  6. Essential Turning.
  7. Wire EDM.
  8. Standard Milling (Standard Cycles).
  9. Standard Milling (Rotary & Indexing).
  10. Standard Turning (C&Y).
  11. Advanced milling.
  12. Advanced Turning.
  13. Ultimate Milling.
  14. Ultimate Turning.
  15. Axis Simultaneous Milling.

How to take part

Send your application to us. Specify you last name, first name, position, company name, city of location, telephone number, e-mail and a preferable webinar topic.

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