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Kr. Valdemara str. 118-515, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

Commissioning and chief assembling supervision

We have huge experience of commissioning work that is carried out under strict supervision such guaranteeing minimal time limits for the commissioning period and full elimination of after-delivery malfunctions. 

Chief assembling supervision step-by-step

  • Installation and assembly of components of the appliance in cases when the transportation of the machine involves dismantling.
  • Connection to the mains (power supply, compressed air, water etc.) using materials of the Customer (electric cables, fittings, hoses etc.).
  • Setting up and adjusting the appliance.
  • Testing performance of the appliance at idle and during the operation for compliance with the performance declared.
  • Production of test samples of parts using respective functions of the appliance (in certain cases, it is possible to produce parts according to the drawings and requirements of the Customer).
  • Consulting and coaching the staff of the Customer about operation and maintenance of the appliance. 
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