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Scheduled maintenance

Our Customer Service independently rates and defines the list and the scope of scheduled maintenance works necessary for excellent working condition of the machinery obtained by the Customer and is responsible for implementation of these works within the agreed service contract. The main goal here is to ensure the efficiency of the machinery with given parameters during the entire period of the contract of service within the given budget.

Preparation and planning of scheduled maintenance works

  1. Analysis of the overall condition of machinery
  2. Creation of the timetable
  3. Provision of resources
  4. Choice or development of technologies to implement
  5. Budget planning for the package of works

Implementation of the package of scheduled works

  1. Implementation of scheduled maintenance operations
  2. Implementation of repairs and capital improvements
  3. Creation and maintenance of sufficient supply of spare parts
  4. Quality control of maintenance operations
  5. Restoration of assemblies and parts of the machinery

Implementation of improvements

  1. Constant perfecting of maintenance and repair works
  2. Implementation of technology updates
  3. Implementation of technical improvements to the machinery
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