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Casualty maintenance and repair

Repair of the machinery during the warranty and post-warranty period

Warranty maintenance and repair is carried out under the contract of warranty service and is characterized by following features:

  • Immediate response to a warranty case.
  • Picking a solution that is optimal to solve the warranty case.
  • Co-operation with manufacturer experts in order to identify the direct and indirect causes of the malfunction and to prevent similar situations in future.

If necessary, a contract about post-warranty maintenance of the machinery can be signed. In that case, all maintenance and repair works that were performed during the warranty period will be carried on constantly during the entire economic life of the machinery. With years of experience of the staff of Robur International, and as well as due to our production facilities that are equipped with the necessary up-to-date equipment we can offer the full range of services associated with post-warranty maintenance and repair.

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