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Sheet metal bending

Compact horizontal bending machines
1 (3 models)
Press brakes, bending machines
9 (87 models)
Robotic press brakes
1 (5 models)
Automated panel benders
3 (9 models)
Flexible bending cells
1 (0 models)

Sheet metal bending – it is a method of sheet metal fabrication that allows forming a part of specified complexity without welding and it is performed by CNC machines. The result is a seamless monolithic metal structure. Bending reduces the risk of metal rusting near welded seams because seams simply do not exist. An additional advantage is the high accuracy of geometric designs as metal is bended by automated panel bending machines.

In this product category, Robur International offers following groups of equipment:

Compact horizontal bending machines. Horizontal bending machines are widely popular among metalworking companies as they are very convenient for small-scale production and are a great budget alternative to costly vertical press brakes when it is about bending profiles and tubes and performing straightening, cutting and punching.

Presses brakes, sheet benders. This machine category is capable to accumulate force that is mainly used for bending sheet metal. It is characterized by following basic parameters: the developed force and working length. And by secondary parameters: the amplitude of the stroke; speed (of the bending process), the distance between the supports of the frame, the presence of the device that compensates the deflection of the table, the presence of other additional devices to improve performance and ease the operation, such as support for the workpiece, sensors to measure the resulting angle, software, etc.

Robotic bending machines. The same sheet benders with CNC that performs operator functions by means of a multi-axis anthropomorphic robot which enhances the manufacturing productivity and quality of various products made of sheet metal material: boxes, doors, cabinets, profiles, panels, cassettes, and so on.

Automated panel benders. Designed for automatic panel making and capable to create both simple and very complex structures. The most important quality of this machine is the ability to work quickly, with full repeatability of bends, which makes it possible to produce parts of very different dimensions and with very different configurations of bends in one sequence. That is, Salvagnini panel benders allow making diverse items in random order with little or no operator intervention and without slowing down the process.

Flexible bending cells. The innovation from Salvagnini that is developed based on the analysis of practical work experience of numerous customers. Represents a complete solution for the application of sheet benders and panel benders within the same numeric control software. This approach extends the capabilities of both bending technologies to the maximum taking away all possible limits.

Sheet bending press brakes, panel benders, and flexible bending cells are successfully used both in small workshops and large-scale metal fabrication facilities start from simple and individual production to serial and mass manufacture of metal parts. These categories of equipment are widely used in metalworking businesses, such as manufacture of machinery and equipment, the transportation sector, metalworking industries, defense industry, the aerospace sector, construction, the manufacture of agricultural machines, food processing industry, forestry, enterprises of fuel and energy industry, and so forth.

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