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Metalworking software

Long-term working with the leading manufacturers of metalworking equipment, successful implementation of renovation projects and the availability of our own group of highly skilled programmers has allowed us to accumulate valuable experience and knowledge in the field of designing, developing and adapting modern-day software.

The part that software plays for the manufacturing can’t be overrated since the use of the latest achievements of information technologies make possible:

  • Acceleration and optimization of the individual machine performance
  • Results that were previously impossible because of high complexity and accuracy
  • Substantial savings on material and reduction of production cycle times
  • Optimized performance of most various equipment and linking it together into a single production flow with significantly increased productivity

Software for sheet metal fabricating

  • Material: Sheet metal.
  • Usage: Software programming for cutting machines with laser, gas, plasma, and water-jet as well as for bending machines, coordinate punch presses, pipe cutters, 5-axis machines, and combined punching/laser cutting centers with CNC.
RADAN is a complete software product set for sheet metal fabrication
One of the most important objectives in the world of sheet metal fabricating is better material utilization. Radan software product set will help you to reduce inventory significantly giving you maximal return on your investment.
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Developed specifically for sheet metal
Wide range of manufacturing operations
Automatic nesting
Maximal utilization of cut-offs and remnants
  • Material: Sheet metal.
  • Usage: CAD/CAM solutions for numeric control program generation in support of coordinate punch presses with CNC, adapted Italian machines from EUROMAC equipped with TopPunch system unit.
ROBURCAM is the NC program for coordinate punch presses from EUROMAC
RoburCAM is specifically tailored for sheet metal fabrication and it has all the most popular functions and features that similar top-level software solutions have.
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Affordable price
Intuitive and user friendly interface
A simple transfer method of one or multiple machine parameters into a program
Ability to generate NC code for unlimited number of machines from a single workstation

Software for metal cutting machinery

  • Material: Workpiece, metal with high hardness.
  • Usage: Enhancement of milling and turning metal manufacturing processes for output of complex design.
EDGECAM is a CAD/CAM software programming set for production machines with CNC
EDGECAM is a market leader in the field of NC software that programs 3D milling, mill-turn machining and multi-axis machining.
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Unparalleled ease of use when programming
Sophisticated toolpath generation
Automatic programming using Strategy Manager
Reads files from every major CAD software
  • Material: Metal workpiece, metal with high hardness.
  • Usage: Enhancement of manufacturing processes for producing molds and dies of complex design.
VISI is a leading CAD/CAM solution for the Mould & Die industries
Industry specific applications for plastic injection tool design including material flow analysis and progressive die design with step-by-step unfolding provide the toolmaker with unsurpassed levels of productivity.
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Wireframe, surface, and solid 3D-modeling
Plastic injection simulation and material flow analysis
Various 2D, 3D and 5-axis machining strategies
Libraries with extensive range of data providing standard products from the best suppliers
  • Material: Metal workpiece, metal with high hardness.
  • Usage: Enhancement of milling and turning metal manufacturing processes for output of complex design.
WorkNC is the software for programming 2 to 5-axis machining based on surface or solid models
WorkNC has a leading position in the software market for industries of moulds, dies, and other equipment. WorkNC is used by all western, Japanese and Korean automotive makers and well-known OEMs from a range of other industries.
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Working on multiple parts simultaneously
Projects and paths can be saved and used repeatedly for manufacturing identical products
Wide range of strategies for 2 to 5-axis roughing and finishing
A separate module for downloading and editing programs
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