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The example of creating high automation level production in the Airon factory

Client: Factory Airon
1Business diversification and launching the production of metal door segment
2Installment of high automation level to ensure constant quality and repeatability of production and keeping the process flexible at the same time
3Increase of output capacity to 50 thousand doors per month with a development plan to boost the production up to 1000 metal door panels and 1000 door frames per shift
Изучение и анализ
Research and analysis
of the initial situation
Техническое перевооружение
renovation of the enterprise
Results of
the project
Stage 1
Research and analysis of the initial situation

The AIRON company has reached a high level as a door manufacturer using artificial veneer and PVC. More than 4 years ago the decision was made to diversify the business activity by manufacturing metal door segment.

For this purpose, there were acquired guillotine shears, hydraulic press brakes, and profile benders from Asian suppliers where selection was made based solely on “low price” criterion. 

A short operating experience revealed certain problems with the quality and functionality that eliminated the flexibility needed for the production process:

  • Guillotine shears became incapable of cutting thick and thin materials after a short period of time so shears could be used only to cut one certain medium thickness material
  • The automatic back gauge repositioning according CNC programs could not be enabled on the hydraulic press brake which excluded possibility of mass production of various parts because after moving the back gauge it had to be adjusted manually to take the proper position. That way, the press brake is currently used only to produce series of same simple parts to avoid losing time while making adjustments.
  • Profile came out twisting helically: there was not provided any device on the production line that would adequately compensate the deformation on the output. 

Assuming that high product quality is one of the basic priorities of the AIRON company, it was decided to acquire technical equipment tried in practice by established world market leading manufacturers. 

Stage 2
Technological modernization of the enterprise

By help of GOC Robur International experts a modernized technology was created and the equipment of the plant was replaced by leading technical solutions from Salvagnini, Euromac, Cemsa, Vimercati and other European manufacturers.

Salvagnini panel benders: Repeatability achieved for unlimited amounts of various types of workpiece processed by the panel bender one after the other! This equipment has made possible something that no other could, the manufacturing of metal door covers without welding and using one sheet only. In addition, the processing of 1 unit of doors takes from 50 to 100 seconds depending on the complexity of the model. 

Euromac coordinate punch press: It works quickly, precisely, and qualitatively; allows uploading maximal set of tools and performing without retooling all necessary technological operations including strengthening rib profiling and formation of various decoration elements. 

Electric resistance welding machines Cemsa: Very easy to operate – the process can be run by almost any worker. The most important thing is that thanks to the smart positioning of flowing currents on the work surface we have eliminated burn marks and welding spot deformations from the front side of panels, which keeps the looks perfectly smooth and level! 

Stage 3
Results of the project

Today, the factory Airon is the only company in Russia that manufactures both interior doors and metallic entrance doors.

The unique production basis of the factory that brings together the best of Russian and foreign technologies and high level of automation provides conditions for producing up to 50 thousand doors per month.

Automatic production lines for door panel machining allow increasing the power and speed of manufacturing process and improving the quality of manufactured products while maximally excluding the human factor. Automatic door frame profiling machines provide the geometric precision of metal door profiles and allow forming them of single sheet of metal which gives additional strength to the product.

We thank the factory Airon for choosing
GOC Robur International as their partner
for realization of this project.
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