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LLC Modernization Aviation Komplex

Client: LLC Modernization Aviation Komplex
1Renovation of the production capacities of the enterprise
Изучение и анализ
Research and analysis
of the initial situation
Техническое перевооружение
renovation of the enterprise
Results of
the project
Stage 1
Analysis of the situation and criteria for the selection of technology and equipment

LLC Modernization Aviation Komplex designs and manufactures flight simulators and other means of training of aviation personnel since the year 2003.

During the years 2011-2012, an all-inclusive modernization of production facilities of the enterprise was carried out. One of the major modernization-related issues was building up of the technological process, selecting equipment for this, and choosing the supplier.  Basic criteria for selection of equipment and its supplier were:

  • constant high quality and repeatability of production,
  • reliable and integrated solutions from a single counterparty,
  • adequate pricing,
  • quality of assistance and services.
Stage 2
Implementation of technological renovation of the enterprise

In the course of work with technicians of this organization, there were given consultations about  contents and capabilities of the equipment, presented real-life examples, defined requests for the manufacturers of the equipment, prepared the delivery contracts, carried out personnel training, prepared the installation site, performed the installment, assembly, commissioning, and start-up of the equipment which is currently receiving warranty maintenance services and undergoing further development to increase its production capacity.

Stage 3
Results of the project

As a result of this cooperation project, a modern metalworking production line was organized turn-key which enabled creation of products that meet the highest quality requirements. 

We thank the company LLC Modernization Aviation Komplex for choosing GOC Robur International as their partner for realization of this project.
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