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An example of the implementation of turning and milling equipment in the company LLC RedPrivod

Client: LLC RedPrivod
Main business activity: production, sale, and repair of gearboxes and gearmotors for general and specific purposes.
1Less labor input and shorter processing times.
2Easier transition from one product to another.
3Better product quality and elimination of waste.
4Launching of foundry equipment manufacture.
5Young aspiring professionals brought in to the staff.
Изучение и анализ
Research and analysis
of the initial situation
Техническое перевооружение
renovation of the enterprise
Results of
the project
Stage 1
Research and analysis of the initial situation

LLC RedPrivod is targeting  the ability to make items to order within 3 to 14 days and provide the warranty services for 12 to 24 months as a part of the project that’s been set to develop the own production basis for drive technology manufacturing.

The main business activity of LLC RedPrivod is the production, sale, and repair of gearboxes and gearmotors for general and specific purposes. As a result it creates the necessity to produce both small parties of items and work with single units in the course of gearbox repair, spare part production, and individual orders. Accordingly, the number of production units has to be reduced and the time of adjustment of equipment for the production of new parts has to be shortened. 

Whereas the high product quality and promptness of reaction to requests from order making to the delivery of the ready item is one of the basic priorities of LLC RedPrivod enterprise, the decision was made to acquire technological equipment with ability to make quick tool setups due to a multi-tool turret head and a convenient CNC with Russian language option.   

Stage 2
Technological modernization of the enterprise

After jointly making the selection of equipment, the decision was made to acquire following machining centers for turning and milling:

  • Turning machine Fryer ET 18 with CNC Тouch 2100 based on Siemens 840D: This equipment is well suited both for single unit making and serial production. Fryer ET 18 has a set of handwheels with dials mounted on it that enables the personnel to perform less demanding operations manually. If it is necessary to process a party of parts, a program can be written by help of a convenient dialogue mode for which no specific knowledge of G code or CNC programming skills will be needed. The touchskin display provides a convenient interface with Russian language option. Each menu shows up its own function buttons thus avoiding surplus information on the control panel. In order to enhance the rate of program writing there is an option to download technical drawings via Rezernet or a USB port.
  • High-performance machining center for milling Fryer MC 40 with CNC Тouch 2100 based on Siemens 840D: This center also has a convenient dialogue mode for programming and a touchskin display. The smooth movement of the tool and workpiece ensures high working speed and accuracy. The frame that is cast of the patented material MEEHANITE and box-shaped sliding guides with plates of special anti-friction material Turcite B provide high sturdiness that is very important for the process of making foundry equipment that is designed and manufactured by LLC RedPrivod enterprise.
Stage 3
Results of the project

With realization of this project the company LLC RedPrivod has been able to achieve all targets it aimed regarding higher productivity and improved quality of products, shortened production times and prompter reaction to requests of the clients. The company has also launched new services and the younger staff members have obtained skills of quick CNC programming.

We thank the company LLC RedPrivod
for choosing GOC Robur International
as their partner for realization of this project.

In the photo gallery below:

  • Photographs of the installed equipment
  • Examples of produced parts
  • Screenshots of the programming process
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