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Y.V. Levashov
President of Robur International Group of Companies
«Robur International»
Thank you for your interest towards our company and products that we offer!

Reality of the market changes rapidly and keeps generating new ambitious targets for our company. It makes us seriously think about productivity. We are relentlessly working on new efficient solutions of how to fulfill the following requirements of our clients: How to ensure trouble-free operation of equipment and technology chain? How to provide the optimal price-performance ratio? How to reduce energy consumption? How to make import substitution easier?
Our confidence is based on deep knowledge of metalworking processes, our long standing special relationship with partner suppliers, and huge experience of project realization. It is our honor to be a reliable supplier of technologies and equipment that grants the leading position for your company! s-quote

The mission of Robur International is to provide the conditions for the revival of metalworking industry in Russia, CIS countries, and the Balticsb-quotes-quote

The mission of Robur International is to provide the conditions for the revival of metalworking industry in Russia, CIS countries, and the Baltics by delivering equipment and technologies capable to manufacture high-quality products and successfully meet the competition of the international markets.  
Robur International Group of Companies has been working as a supplier of up-to-the-minute high-tech industrial equipment for the metal-manufacturing companies in Russia, CIS countries and the Baltics since 2001.

The company selects the equipment, organizes its delivery, and provides all necessary services of maintenance and engineering including technical re-equipment and modernization of plants. Robur International is able to invent any modern technological solution providing machinery for industrial units from individual machines to automated lines and even workshops attended by minimal number of staff. The range of equipment that is offered by the company embraces practically all technical operations demanded by the contemporary metalworking industry.

5 reasons to work with us
Unique technologies
We deliver technologies and equipment from world’s leading manufacturers finding the best possible ratio between following criteria: price — quality — performance —all what’s really necessary to achieve the targets of our clients.
Wide variety of products
Everything needed for maintenance and development of your industry can be obtained in one place which guarantees:
  • Integrated and synchronized technological processes.
  • Optimized customer relationship management.
  • Optimized technical support.
Planning and realization of projects turn-key
  • Modernization of existing processes.
  • Introduction of new technologies turn-key.
  • Project management from concept to ready-made products.
A powerful service network
  • Quick response.
  • Quick correction of existing problems.
  • Reduction of downtime and economic loss of our customers.
Top suppliers
  • Optimal price-performance ratio.
  • Leading positions in their field.
  • Speed and accuracy of work.
  • A flexible approach to the customer’s wishes.
Main directions of our work
GC "Robur International"
and technologies
Delivery of metalworking technologies and equipment
Integrated solutions for new and existing manufacturing units, including upgrading and reconstruction
Trade-in of metalworking machinery
Manufacturing of metalworking machinery
Commissioning works, counseling, and coaching
Warranty and post-warranty service
Diagnostics and repair
Further training of operators and technicians
Accessories (sharpening and gas cleaning equipment etc.)
Tools (selection and delivery)
Consumables and spare parts
Software for fabricating sheet metal or metal workpiece, and respective processes
Supplied equipments

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Moscow office
  • "Robur International" Ltd
    Dezhneva proyezd 1, Moscow, 127642, Russia
  • Phone: +7 495 989 17 95 (multichannel)
    Phone: +7 499 903 31 00
    Fax: +7 499 903 88 66
Riga office
  • SIA „Robur Baltia”
    Kr. Valdemara str. 118-515, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
  • Phone: +371 67 45 99 15
    тел.: +371 67 45 99 16
    Fax: +371 67 45 99 22
Tallinn office
  • OU „Robur Estonia”
    Kesk-Sojamae 2, Tallinn, 11415, Estonia
  • Phone: +372 6 41 68 64
    Fax: +372 6 41 68 63


    • Moscow, 127642,
      Dezhneva proyezd 1
    • Phone: +7 495 989 17 95 (multichannel)
      +7 (499) 903-31-00
      Fax: +7 (499) 903-88-66


    • Kr. Valdemara str. 118-515,
      Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
    • Phone: +(371 67) 45-99-15
      +(371 67) 45-99-16
      Fax: +(371 67) 45-99-22


    • Kesk-Sojamae 2a,
      Tallinn, 11415, Estonia
    • Phone: +(372 6) 41-68-64
      Fax: +(372 6) 41-68-63
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    More than 2000 companies in Russia,
    CIS countries, and the Baltics are clients of Robur International.
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