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The new compact panel bender SalvagniniP2lean


Following tendencies of the market

Panel forming and bending is a theme that causes interest of the market because at the given stage of technological development the further enhancement of production efficiency is necessarily connected with improved machining efficiency after the sheet is cut.

Understanding these tendencies of the market, Salvagnini have developed the innovative panel bending machine P2lean, which is once again revolutionary if compared to traditional concepts of production and extends the typical range of panel bending machine application going beyond the potential of traditional bender use.

P2lean practically is a sheet metal machining centre that is capable to produce a wide assortment of products, which makes it suitable for application at sites that have never before considered a panel bender becoming their ideal bending machine.


компактный панелегиб Salvagnini P2lean

New prospects

Panel bending machine P2lean opens other new prospects in compare to the previous model thanks to certain upgrades and innovative solutions that makes it unique.

For example, we can mention the proprietary technology MAC 2.0 that adjusts bending parameters to changes in parameters of processed material during the cycle.

фирменная технология MAC2.0

Most complicated bending sequences

CLASIM device for setting up auxiliary bending tools automatically that enhances the flexibility of the machine and allows it to produce most complicated and less similar parts subsequently one after another.

устройство CLA SIM

Upgraded bending unit

The bending unit has also been upgraded with new specifications: the blankholder system is now pneumatic; hydraulics has been removed from this unit so that there is no risk that hydraulic oil might drop on the processed sheets. The blankholder tools profile has been also upgraded and it allows performing inner bends up to 55 mm now. The new construction of bladeholder allows wider working thickness up to 3.2 mm for mild steel, up to 2 mm for stainless steel, and up to 4 mm for aluminum.

Усовершенствованный гибочный узел

Economic efficiency and new fields of application

P2lean has integrated so many innovations that it causes interest from new fields of application to which a panel bender application has not been even remotely feasible earlier; for example UPEMB tool whose specific form allows processing perforated parts of P tool with DPM option that helps the machine manipulator to produce small, very narrow profiles. In addition to that, P2lean completely fulfills the expectations of the market regarding power consumption: the enterprises have become more attentive to production costs of each item and the power consumption of 5 kW is undoubtedly one of the lowest possible. This is the result of introduced new electrical drive that has allowed the elimination of hydraulic systems and the new analysis of the bending unit performed by help of finite element method.

Экономичность и новые области применения

“The Salvagnini Company has decided to offer this machine as the new technological standard for the application area of bending, not panel forming because this is a truly flexible, safe, reliable, and fully automated machining centre. All functions of P2lean, start from centering and automated moving of the sheet and end with the measurements of sheet thickness that is performed by the manipulator and detection of the ultimate strength of material based on which the elastic return is calculated and compensated in the process of bending, provide optimal bending performance start from the very first part.  That way, P2lean – this is a smart machine that eliminates waste, which really means efficiency. The first part will be of high quality, I guarantee you that,” assures Tomazzo Bonucci, the marketing director of Salvagnini Company.

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