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Maximum bending efficiency


During the last few years there has been a rapid growth in popularity for Salvagnini press brakes, which has especially grown within markets of EC and CIS and particularly in the category of innovative hydraulic press brakes B3KinEtic whose sales have grown several times in a short period.

график роста популярности гибочных прессов Salvagnini

One of the reasons why the popularity of B3KinEtic bending presses has grown is its unique technical equipment:

  • The innovative direct-drive technology with KERS, the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, makes these press brakes more economic than electric press brakes.
  • The top-beam movement at its record speed can reach 250 mm/sec.
  • Due to its enclosed structure, the frame eliminates deformation completely and ensures the repeatability precision of 2 μm.
  • By help of AMS system, the angle remains ideal even if working with materials of less quality.
  • And more.

Another important popularity factor for B3KinEtic is the maximally high efficiency that is achieved by Salvagnini installing the automatic tool setting device. The device is named ATA (AutomaticToolAdjuster) and it allows to change and set the length of the bending tool automatically, which saves time that would be otherwise spent resetting the tool and, consequently, increases the production efficiency of both “batch one” and parametric parts.

While the operator picks up a new sheet to bend, the ATA system automatically sets the length of the tools and width of the variable V-shaped groove practically at the same time.
In fact, a B3KinEtic bending press with ATA is capable to replace up to 3 normal press brakes and this is a very significant advantage.

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