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Hilalsan press brake tandem supply for stainless steel pool production


At the beginning of 2019, we launched a tandem of two three-meter Hilalsan press brakes with a bending force of 2х220 tons.

The tandem is designed for bending five-meter stainless steel profiles used in the manufacture of swimming pools for various purposes.

This solution paved the way to:

  • Fully meet the production needs for lengthy profile bending.
  • Eliminate the specific foundation requirement.
  • Reduce investment, transportation costs, and commissioning expenses.
  • Use two press brakes simultaneously to perform different production tasks.

The tandem is equipped with independent bending followers, which greatly facilitate the work with heavy and large-sized parts, and can be quickly assembled to work with other press brakes in production.

See the photo report of press brake installation and its quality assurance at the factory:

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