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Самые передовые технологии

Build your optimal technology

Salvagnini systems are built using the modularity principle. This guarantees unparalleled flexibility and unlimited possibilities for customized design of integrated and individual solutions for your industry to achieve your exact goals and objectives. Every unit of Salvagnini modular equipment is provided with integrated unique software and can be operated both as a stand-alone machine and as an integral part of an automated manufacturing line or a flexible manufacturing system.

Use the benefits of the best manufacturing solutions

As an industry leader, Salvagnini designs, develops and provides you with what truly are the most advanced technologies for sheet metal fabrication. Most of these technologies are patented by Salvagnini and therefore are not reproducible on the equipment of other manufacturers.

Ensure optimal communication between provision, production, and marketing

Salvagnini manufacturing lines and systems provide an option of integration with the company’s MRP/ERP management software. This allows optimizing the procurement of raw materials and shipment of finished products and introducing the concept of lean manufacturing that operates according to J-I-T system with maximum optimization of time, resources and minimum waste.

Manufacture the products of the highest quality with 100% repeatability

A unique concept, excellence, full automation and extensive practical experience – all that is used in Salvagnini sheet metal manufacturing lines and systems, which will allow you to create products with perfect quality and repeatability. More than that, the proposed levels of quality and complexity of the product in most cases cannot be accomplished if using equipment made by other manufacturers.

Полная автоматизация

Exclude the staff influence

We all know how often the staff is causing problems and headaches: the low level of discipline and professionalism, difficult personalities, staff turnover, difficulties when learning and finding motivation or stimuli, unintentionally created faulty products and so forth. Salvagnini completely relieves you of these difficulties because automation allows leveling errors, speeding up production and ensuring the minimization of waste to establish clear and uninterrupted operation and production just in time.

Choose the required level of automation

Salvagnini solutions are built of the best systems and automated machine tools, start from the simplest to the most powerful and complex systems with 99.99% automation of all processes of manufacturing and logistics. Therefore Salvagnini manufacturing lines are often referred to as “lights-off machines”, which means the machines are working at night-time with lights off. You only need to set up the line, upload the production program, click "Start" button, turn off the lights, close the job shop and go home. Everything else the machines are doing themselves, earning money for you in 24/7 mode.

Speed up your production to the maximum

Time is the most important and non-renewable recourse, the force of which makes us highly appreciate it. More than that, time is money – and this thesis is especially important for any metalworking industry. Understanding that perfectly, Salvagnini offers the fastest manufacturing solutions to stay ahead of all competitors and earn significantly more than others.

гибкость и настраиваемость производства

Increase the production capacity and expand it when you really need it

Salvagnini concept of manufacturing provides both all-inclusive integrated solutions and gradual development and improvement of technological chains of the industry. You can expand the production gradually increasing the performance step-by-step in accordance with the level of sales and also planning rationally the cash flow of your enterprise.

Feel free to choose your specialization

Instant changeover, universal bending tools and techniques of cutting and punching provide a wide range of industries where Salvagnini equipment is used to manufacture various products. Salvagnini machines are applied in 158 manufacturing fields including:

Earn more due to kit production strategies

Understanding the rationality of manufacturing small batches and/or ready-made kit production while maintaining the costs at the level of mass production, Salvanini has implemented this feature, which immediately proved to be popular in the market.

Manufacturer of the equipment – leader in its field

Salvagnini in numbers

Start from the year 1963, the Salvagnini company is the leading equipment manufacturer in the field of flexible automation due to top level sheet metal fabrication systems that are manufactured and adjusted to the variety of customer requests related to most diverse sectors of application.

We might still write here a lot of words, but let's better take a look at the figures of Salvagnini in numbers:

  • More than fifty years of experience
  • 20 regional operational sites
  • 4 production facilities
  • 1400 employees
  • 7 product lines
  • 5300 manufacturing systems in 75 countries
  • 1400
  • 20
    regional operational sites
  • 5300
    manufacturing systems

Clients of Salvagnini

Thanks to the efficiency and quality of Salvagnini equipment, it is widespread in many industries that belong to the worldwide acknowledged brands, fields of activity of which are related to sheet metal fabrication. Join the professional company of these industry leading manufacturers:

  • Metallic furniture
  • Service industry equipment
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Electric cabinets
  • Ceilings
  • Elevators
  • Doors
  • Lighting equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Subcontracting

Access the world experience in the field of sheet metal product fabrication

The Salvagnini equipment is widely used by world's leading manufacturers of sheet metal, which has allowed accumulation of vast and extremely valuable experience of dealing with various technological problems that arise in a wide variety of industries. Salvagnini will be happy to share this experience with you and show you how many seemingly complicated problems often have very simple solutions.

Guarantee constant development of your enterprise

One of the most interesting and important features of Salvagnini production concept is its nonstop improvement. The company is constantly investing huge resources in scientific research and technology development programs, developing new and improving the existing equipment, improving the CNC software and adding new options and solutions. This is an ongoing work and you will be automatically provided with upgrades of the latest technologies and solutions in the field of manufacturing sheet metal products.

Salvagnini – the leader of Italian metalworking

Italy is one of the leaders of mechanical engineering in Europe; as a country, it takes the 3-rd place in machine tool building in the world. Many German and Japanese manufacturers are choosing Italian equipment. There are some generally high-level equipment builders in Germany and Japan; however, Italians build stylish machines with exceptional technical characteristics. Let’s look at the example of the car market: Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are simply great and beautiful cars but, if you need some exclusive motor power and quality, the fastest cars in the world have been designed by Italian engineers (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati etc.). Italians are flexible about their work; they are easy to collaborate. Let’s say your plant is situated in some remote location and an equipment problem occurs – there will always be some problems with equipment because there are no ideal machines or manufacturers. Nuances and problematic situations exist; that’s why it matters how we deal with them. Italian production managers do with ease and will always fly to Russia gladly to solve problems, shake hands with their partners, and familiarize themselves with a different culture. Questions are solved quickly and no extra problems arise. Similarly, Italians are loyal to the market of Russia and CIS countries. They understand the importance of good neighbor relations and try to fulfill their obligations in time.

  • Salvagnini Italia S.p.A.
    Italy is one of the leaders of mechanical engineering in Europe and takes the 3-rd place in machine tool building in the world.

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Read the reviews from clients that have been working with Salvagnini equipment

Вступите в Клуб Salvagnini

Join the club of the like-minded

Customers always receive fast and individual responses to the questions about the optimal use of Salvagnini machines. Basically, Salvagnini – this is a club, which you enter after the purchase such guaranteeing yourself the ongoing support and care from teams of Salvagnini and Robur International. The customer is never left alone with machine tools and gets the most rapid and constant responses. Of course, keep in mind that nobody will catch the fish for you constantly, but you will be always provided with the best fishing rod!

Receive complete technical support from the manufacturer

Customers always receive fast and individual responses to the questions about the optimal use of Salvagnini machines. Basically, Salvagnini – this is a club. The mission of our company is to ensure the work of our client companies by providing them with quality support as required. There are some basic areas of the centralized technical support for the customers from Salvagnini:

  • Transportation and installation of equipment: Consultations, transfer, positioning, assembly, commissioning and so on.
  • Maintenance: complex benefits that are aimed at enhanced productivity and reduction of unplanned downtime.
  • Remote diagnostics: Each product line is provided with high precision tools for diagnostics.
  • Software supplies: Development and direct installment of updated programs for better and simpler work.
  • Hardware supplies: Updates for the control units of the machines, upgrades for systems of power supplies and local networks, and other specialized solutions.
  • Spare parts: Every faulty part will be replaced as soon as possible in one of our 29 customer service centers.
  • Tools: Prompt and effective solutions that include professionally and competently selected options.
  • User courses: We offer practical training programs for planning, maintenance and product use to enable you to exploit the full potential of your Salvagnini machine or system.
  • Overhauls and recovery of the equipment.
  • Be the leader of your industry

    Working with the best equipment and manufacturing quality products at the lowest possible cost will automatically make you the leader of your industry. You will be able to reduce prices drastically at a crucial moment and win. For example, a rival of one of our clients began to copy the construction of their products during the crisis and sold those at slightly lower price. Our customer was able to reduce the cost by 50% for all their product lines while the rival couldn’t afford more than 20% reduction in price. This advantage allowed our client to take over most of the market. Tendencies like this we see in absolutely all customers who have bought the Salvagnini equipment.

  • Improve the image of your enterprise

    The reality of the modern market requires that the majority of partners and clients want to get familiar with the production site before deciding on cooperation or placing an order. Having Salvagnini equipment in your production facility will boost the company's image in the eyes of partners, customers and employees, which will bring the company to the next business level and increase the number of major counterparties.

  • Receive quick return on your investment

    The rate of return on the investment is a key factor of business planning as it determines the potential profitability of the project, and also the time when the profit will be received the participants, which is, as a rule, very important. Full automation, unmatched production rate, elimination of waste, J-I-T work of superb quality, minimal costs, and so forth – all these criteria allow us to place the Salvagnini equipment in the category of the fastest payback on your investment.

  • Note the above average liquidity of Salvagnini equipment

    Salvagnini equipment is always in demand. It is extremely rare that a used Salvagnini equipment unit is sold at the second-hand machinery market being younger than 10 years. If this happens, the price goes up to 70% of the cost of a new equipment unit. A renovated 15 years old equipment unit is approximately 40-50% of the price of the new. It is noteworthy that the warranty on renovated Salvagnini equipment is the same as for the new and that is 1 year.

Welcome to the Salvagnini sheet metal world

For more information about the Salvagnini machines please visit our website or learn it directly from our managers who you can contact via email/telephone or by filling the application form below. If you have a serious interest in Salvagnini equipment, we can:

  • Calculate the production efficiency for the manufacturing of your products directly from the drawings provided
  • Make test samples of your parts
  • Arrange visits of your representatives to currently active production facilities and/or Salvagnini plants
  • Book you a visit to the nearest Salvagnini Open Day
  • To consult you about Salvagnini products and tell you more about (specify the text)

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