Robur International
country: Italy
branch: Tube and pipe processing
founded: 1999


Macri Italia was established over 15 years ago on the back of experience in the production of electric tube bending machines. Due to advanced technologies and in-depth specialization, Macri Italia now operates worldwide, exporting almost 70% of its production, which is entirely Italian made.

A small but thriving company with an expertise in the field of tube bending machine production decided to focus on this market segment and to work primarily to order, so as to meet the each customer’s production needs.The distinctive feature of Macri Italia tube benders is the technology, encompassed within exclusive software that allows the machine to be managed and operated through an innovative, user-friendly interface. Ever aware of the environmental impact of its business, Macri Italia has patented its sophisticated energy saving system for tube bending machines that allows optimization of energy consumption.

Technical staff

In order that it may offer its customers tailored solutions, Macri Italia has developed internal know-how for the design of tube bending machines. A service that is extremely useful for the producer, which can thus rely on a technologically advanced tube bending machine that is in line with the specific needs of the business. For this very reason the design phase takes place in complete synergy with the technical staff of the customer, so as to merge specific competencies of each customer with many years of expertise of Macri Italia design engineers.

Customer assistance

The quality of Macri Italia tube benders is guaranteed by meticulous checks on each individual machine and by a direct and extensive customer service network, which allows rapid responding of the technical staff to the needs of both Italian and international customers.

Shipping service

A quick and efficient shipping service completes the range of Macri Italia services. Macri Italia in fact guarantees quick and secure carriage of any type of delivery, new tube bending machines or spare parts, through national and international couriers or carriers, depending on the destination and on the shipping characteristics.


In the event of tube bending machine modification or maintenance interventions, Macri Italia guarantees quick turnaround and replacement of each part. The large warehouse stores a supply of standard parts, which are available for immediate delivery. Irrespective of the destination, Macri Italia also personally deals with the shipping of the tube bending machine spare parts through a rapid shipping service provided by the best couriers.

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